Home food


During your stay you will have the option share our home-made meals with us.

Please note that we are not a restaurant and so we only have a detailed menu for drinks and breakfast. For lunch or dinner, however, if you have any request like if there’s a particular Indian dish you would like to eat, do let us know beforehand and we will do our best to make you happy! Of course if you prefer to eat out it’s perfectly fine too; just inform us so Mummy knows for how many people she has to cook.

Mummy is used to cooking for foreigners, and she knows that Western taste-buds usually have a hard time with spices! She rarely cooks very spicy food anyway, but if you especially have a problem with it, again just let us know and she will cook according to your tastes. In case you have an upset stomach she will only make rice and curd (yogurt) with some special local herbs for you so that you get better soon!

Our kitchen is fitted with a UV and RO (“reverse osmosis”) water filter so you shouldn’t have any problem with drinking our water; however we sell mineral water bottles as well if you prefer.

Our kitchen is kept spotlessly clean!

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Please note that we support ecotourism, which is why we do not sell any sodas and cold drinks. For more information please visit killercoke.org.