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Homestay in Khajuraho : Vijay & Vio
Vijay & Vio

Friends in Khajuraho was founded in 2014 by Vijay from Khajuraho and his wife Vio from France. They basically turned their family house into a homestay to make a living while offering visitors a true, authentic Indian experience in the beautiful, rural old village of Khajuraho. Five years later, Vijay, Vio and their young daughter have moved to France, and Vijay’s little brother Ravi has taken over with the rest of the family. Find out more about our family here.

We rent 2 single or double bedrooms with a shared hot-shower bathroom. With the possibility to add one extra (single) bed, we can accommodate 5 guests in total. In our homestay in Khajuraho you will live an authentic Indian family experience in an idyllic setting, while enjoying comfort and privacy.

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Ravi, your host

Our house is located in a quiet rural area of Khajuraho, at the edge of the Old Village in the middle of the Eastern group of temples. We live right in front of the Nanora Lake and the Brahma Temple (the oldest of all Khajuraho temples), and we can see the Vamana and the Jawari temples from our rooftop. The town centre of Khajuraho and the Western group of temples is also just about 10-15 minutes walk away from our house.

During your entire stay at our homestay in Khajuraho, we will make sure that you are happy and at ease. You will also have the option to share our home food, and if you so wish we will guide you in and around Khajuraho. Although most people only come for the temples, there is a lot more you can do! To find out what, you can read our page on what to see & do in Khajuraho.

For those who only want to come to Khajuraho for the day, our homestay in Khajuraho offers a day service. This means that you can use our bathroom, eat in our home, and we will keep your luggage in a safe place while are away sightseeing.

“All we want is your well-being and happiness while you’re in Khajuraho!”