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Vijay and Vio have been interested in social work for many years, getting involved in various NGOs not only in Khajuraho but also in Varanasi.

In June 2017, with Aurélie Cadilhac, they founded the French association Friends in Khajuraho, to concentrate their current efforts towards an integrated project which can grow...


"To allow the local population to live with dignity in a healthy environment through adequate education and resources."


Lost Gardens, Khajuraho - Dec. 2014

The Different School
for village children

A school whose aim is to awake children's creative potential. Disciplines so far include Musical Awareness and Art, Painting & Drawing. We also teach English because it is so badly needed in the community, and regularly we run Environmental Awareness workshops with all our pupils.

We are currently recruiting 2 volunteers to teach one of our English classes and the Art, Painting & Drawing class. Click here to find out more.



Since 2010 via two friends of ours, we have been sponsoring two children, Pappu and Preeti so that the brother and sister can go to school.

Since December 2016, thanks to our Norwegian partner Ganpati we have been sponsoring the family of a poor cycle-rickshaw driver who passed away in 2015 leaving his wife and 9 children.

The Cloth bags project

In September 2017 we are planning to start a new cloth bags project, aiming to:

  • fight against single-use polythene bags, which end up littering our soils. When we look at the litter on Indian soils, indeed at least half of it is polythene bags! If we could reduce or (we can dream!) eliminate this kind of waste, it would make a big difference to our landscapes!

  • recycle all types of cloth and fabric to make cloth bags and/or other products.

  • empower local women.

  • We are currently recruiting one volunteer to be our project co-ordinator. Click here to find out more.


    Ecofriendly promise

    On 15 November 2015, in partnership with the German NGO Blue Bank, we launched our "ecofriendly promise. It is very simple: we promise that we will do everything in our power to keep our surroundings clean, as an example for the whole Khajuraho community. With the support of Blue Bank, we will keep as many locals involved as possible. We will keep an explanatory sign both in English and Hindi, as well as a dustbin near the Brahma Temple and encourage all our neighbours and passers-by to use it. We will gather regularly to carry on cleaning if need be. NO MORE RUBBISH IN THE LAKE AND AROUND THE TEMPLE, because our surroundings are beautiful and it is our responsibility to preserve them!


    Literacy classes

    Since March 2017, with our Norwegian partner Ganpati we have been running a literacy class in a village a few kilometres away from khajuraho, for children and adults who do not have access to proper education.

    Vijay's little brother Ravi is teaching them how to read and write Hindi, and we hope to develop this project later to cover English and basic Maths as well...

    Clothing (& toy) distribution

    It all started in 2013 or 2014, when Vijay's cousin, Vipin who works for a travel company, took a family from Romania to see some waterfalls around Khajuraho. On the way Vipin also took them to a small village, Ghunga, located around 20 km away from Khajuraho. Magdalena's family was struck by how poor the villagers looked, and it made them want to do something to help them. After they got back to their country, life got in the way so the project took quite a while to finalise, but eventually in May 2015 Magdalena sent a few parcels to Vipin, with clothes, biscuits and chocolates for the village children...

    More recently we have also been distributing clothing and toys via our Norwegian partner Ganpati...