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Friends in Khajuraho Homestay, friendly homestay

Other sustainable / alternative places to stay in India

Agra (Uttar Pradesh):
  • Friends Paying Guest House: Located 10 minutes walking distance from the Taj Mahal, this guesthouse is run by a very friendly family. Its homely feeling just reminded us of a European youth hostel. Their restaurant serves beautiful, homely food.

  • Delhi:
  • Bed & Chai: Run by a French woman, this is a cozy and modern accommodation located in one of the most affluent areas of Delhi, to enjoy the best chai (Indian tea) of the city. This guesthouse also endeavours to be involved with the cause of environment preservation and social responsibility.

  • Kesi Nagar, near Almora (Uttarakhand):
  • Baba Cake: The best cafe for yummy cakes, quiches, and more in this gorgeous, peaceful mountainous setting. Its Indo-European owners also have a guestroom in their house.

  • Orchha (Madhya Pradesh):
  • Friends of Orchha: This home stay gives you a chance to delve deep into India to experience life in an ordinary Indian family, away from the beaten tracks of commercial tourism. They also welcome students and volunteers who wish to study various aspects of Indian society or to contribute to sustainable development.

  • Rajasthan:
  • Home Stay in a farm, in a small village located 45 minutes away from Agra (Uttar Pradesh) and 45 minutes away from Bharatpur (Rajasthan) - this venture was started by another Indo-French couple. They offer volunteering options (WWOOFERS welcome!) and organise tours for up to 8 people for an authentic Indian experience off the touristic tracks.
  • Apani Dhani Eco-lodge (in Nawalgarh, Shekhawati) has been created to promote a different type of tourism: an environmentally friendly tourism involving a deep respect for the host country, financial benefits to the local community and an authentic experience for travellers. Apani Dhani Eco-lodge is also the head office of  INTACH Shekhawati Chapter and coordinates many actions related to protecting the cultural heritage of India.

  • Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh):
  • Saraswati Education Center: This homestay was founded in 2004 in a charming old Banarasi house, whose owner Somit also runs an education project for unpriviledged and slums children. Guests are welcome to volunteer in one of his free schools during their stay in Varanasi (one school is run on the ground floor behind the reception and another in a slum further away in the city), and part of their room charge is dedicated to the project. Somit is also an experienced yoga teacher.
  • Groovy Ganges Guesthouse is associated with several Non Profit Organisations and gives you a chance to do some volunteer work relating to education, health and community, women empowerment, environmental issues etc.
  • Ram Bhawan Kautilya Society Residence is run by the Kautilya Society, a non-profit organisation aiming at promoting dialogue and partnerships among people and cultures across the world and supporting development cooperation actions and initiatives. You need to be a member of the society to stay in the guesthouse.

  • Associations / non-lucrative companies

  • Centre Prana (France) - Indian healthcare & yoga for all in Vienne

  • Devidine Association (France, Italy) - education of children, protection of women, economic and sustainable actions since 2004, in an indigenous village about 10 km away from Khajuraho

  • Ganpati Norway - to improve the living conditions of poor people in and around Khajuraho. The assistance provided should be sustainable and respectful of people's right to govern their own lives.

  • INTACH Belgium (Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage) - restoring the Lost Gardens of Khajuraho to turn them into training centers for sustainable, organic agriculture

  • The Rural Changemakers of Janwaar - a learning adventure around a skatepark. It's a social experiment which has transformed the village of Janwaar (near Panna) into a wealthier and more prosperous place.

  • Partage et Culture Sarasvati (France) - sharing material, cultural & spiritual wealth between France and India - Vio is vice president of this association

  • Taaro ke Bacche (Switzerland & India) - a school for children with autistim & Down's syndrome in Varanasi, India - Vio acts as Responsible for Media Communication for this association

  • Sangeet4All (New-Delhi, India) - the first Indian music curriculum for young learners by world-famous musician couple Saskia (Indian cello) and Shubhendra (sitar) Rao

  • Others

  • P‚querette Charlas, painter & glass perl maker (France)

  • Global Gallivanting, travel, lifestyle & adventure blog by Anna Phipps (UK)

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